Rules of Engagement

 Please note that in this document the male gender is meant to represent man and women without any discrimination and is used to abridge the text.
Veterans UN-NATO Canada is a private group and is protected by a registered copyright. Any person who reproduces our name or logo without prior written permission, in part or in whole, will be prosecuted.

This group was created so members can find old friends, stay in touch and share. But we mostly want to ensure that we never forget our fellow brothers and sisters- in- arms who have been wounded or have fallen in combat during a mission serving with the Canadian Armed Forces.
The members of the Veteran UN-NATO Canada identify themselves to the group and to the population by wearing a patch. The patch belongs to the member and will only be worn by the member as it is a personal identification. We must never forget that when we wear the patch, we agree to represent the group as whole. No irresponsible behaviour will be tolerated when wearing your patch. Be proud and respectful.
We have one official meeting per year. We are a group of active and former Canadian military who have served, with the Canadian Armed Forces a minimum of one mission under the command of the UN or NATO. Germany and Alert are accepted as a mission. A mission is considered a mission only after a medal is awarded. We will wear our patch with pride because they represent who we are. There is no annual fee, no membership and no association fees. All you have to disburse to become and remain member of Veteran UN-NATO Canada is the price of the patch.

No criminal affiliation will be accepted to include MC. No Motorcycle Club (MC) or 1% patch will be allowed to worn with our patch. Even though several members own a motorcycle, we are not a Motorcycle Club.

To wear the Veterans UN-NATO Canada (with mission) patch you must: 
Have served a minimum of 3 years with the Canadian Regular Forces or the Canadian Reserve;
AND have at least served in one mission with the UN or NATO and received an official medal after the required service time.
To wear the Veterans UN-NATO Canada (without mission) patch you must: 
Have served a minimum of 3 years in the Canadian Regular Forces or still be active - but have not received an official medal for mission.
Have served or be still active as military reservists in the Canadian Regular Forces adding up to a minimum of 3 years of service in class B or C, , in other words, full-time. A combination class B and A is not authorized.
Other patches:

Only Veteran UN NATO Canada's spouse can wear the Ladies patch. ATTENTION! The couple has to have been a couple for the minimum of one (1) year before the spouse can receive the Ladies patch.
Only a Veteran UN NATO Canada's son can wear this patch.
Only a Veteran UN NATO Canada's daughter can wear this patch.
They can, if they so wish it, be given the Supporters patch instead.
It should be noted that wearing the SUPPORTER crest is a privilege. To become a crest wearing SUPPORTER , the person must be sponsored and recommended by a Veteran UN NATO Canada member. (ie Ladies, Sons, Daughters and Supporters cannot sponsor a SUPPORTER).
 A candidate for the SUPPORTER crest must wait a probationary period of one year, during which he or she must demonstrate their interest and commitment to the group and the various Veterans causes. The Member agrees to integrate the group and accepts to adhere to the fundamental principles, vision and values of our mission.
 The Veteran UN NATO Canada member who proposes to sponsor a SUPPORTER, shall submit to the regional representative an official request and a description of the reasons why this person deserves the privilege of wearing the SUPPORTER crest. A probationary period of a minimum of one year will begin on the date on which the official request has been put to the regional representative. Once the probationary period is completed, and the candidate has demonstrated his interest and commitment to the group, the final approval will be made by the regional representative. It is important to note that the Veteran member sponsoring an applicant for the SUPPORTER crest understands that as a sponsor they are largely responsible for the actions of the SUPPORTER candidate.

Contrary to a Veteran, a Supporter has obligations to the group, they must participate in at least 50% of the regional events every year. They must sign with their sponsor the ROE. The sponsor, by this accept the responsibility of his supporter respecting the ROE.
If a conflict arises between the member and his SUPPORTER sponsor (or even with other members of the group), the facts will be reported to the Provincial representative which will evaluate the issue and, if need be, with the help of the president, will make the final decision as to what appropriate actions are deemed necessary.

Contrary to the Veterans crest, the SUPPORTER crest does not belong to the SUPPORTER but to the Sponsor Region. Who must cover the cost. If it is deemed necessary to ban the SUPPORTER he must return his crest. It is important that the sponsor makes sure that the candidate understands this rule before he joins.

It will be the Regional Representative responsibility to ensure that the ratio of 1 (Supporter) for each 10 (Veterans) is respected. NOTE: This ration is a maximum not a minimum. If, for a reason of their own, a region prefers to lower this ratio (ex: 1 Supporter for each 25 veterans) or even, to the limit, not accept any Supporters, it is their privilege to do so.
If a Regional Representative wishes to recognise a local business and thank them for their contiuous support, a "regular" Supporters' patch cannot be used. Instead we have a 12" sticker in the National Kit Shop, that can be framed and presented.

An Honorary President is a member (with a minimum of three years in the position) who does not exercise his functions as President but has earned an honourable title. He no longer has any official function, but provides excellent advice and experience to the one that replaces him. He is hereby recognized to provide advice on certain matters while ensuring that they do not force any decisions. In addition, this title can be a form of recognition or support for the new President. This title is an appreciation for the good and loyal services given during his term as President. It is the duty of every member to respect the Honorary Presidents for what they have brought to the group in the previous years.


We are a Veterans Group and only them can make suggestions or demands.

All applications with a release item non honorable (except medical) will be denied.


Veterans UN NATO Canada is a veterans support group, made up of men and women from all across Canada. Our mission is to find those who may be isolating and provide cameraderie and friendship. Our mission is not to push for social, political or cultural changes. Thus, it is strongly recommended that members do not attend any protest while wearing our patch or other insigna which identified our group. Members who attend protests for any reason should do-so in their personal capacity. Wearing our crest can send the message to the public that a member speaks for the group. Therefore, the National President reserves the right to take action against any member who acts against this recommendation. These actions can range from a verbal request, up to that members' disassociation from the group. Actions by the National President will be on a case by case basis.


Revision : April 2022