Mission, Vision, Valours



Our  mission is to bring our brothers and sisters in arms that have served with the Canadian Armed Forces, out from isolation in which they have put themselves in, to give them a new taste for life, and to create a healthy, trustworthy environment. Being united by our common experiences, we collectively want to save lives. 

This mission can only be achieved by gathering the members of Veterans UN-NATO Canada by means of meetings and activities. The purpose is to make new friendship and rekindle old ones. 

It is the duty of each member to promote and represent the group with a sense of pride and honour at all times. 

The group mobilizes leadership with its members. It maintains, with the cooperation of the representatives, a policy that encourages togetherness, good morale and friendship. The group also helps active or retired military members, by offering support and advice when needed. With regular activities, the group stays in contact with its members and gains trust so we may "NEVER FORGET WHO WE ARE".  

There is no membership cards and no annual fee. This group was created so members could find old friends, stay in touch and share but mostly to ensure that we never forget our fellow brothers and sisters in arms who have either been wounded or have fallen in combat during a mission. 


The vision consists in improving the quality of life of every Canadian veteran by offering compassion, friendship and respect. 

We want: 

·           to have national recognition;

·           the collaboration of the authorities;

·           the best care;

·           to promote recognition; and

·           awareness from the public to our situation. 


The group feels strongly about the preoccupations and obstacles of each of its member. It recognizes the requirements of military service as well as the sacrifices involved with such a career. The group is committed in creating and protecting, within its group, an environment that encourages friendship and a sense of belonging based on the following fundamental values: 


The group applies respect by having special consideration towards our brothers and sisters in arms and related organizations. Respect is a must for those who are going through difficult times to ensure we do not make them feel like a burden or judge them. The group respects the dignity, the rights and the personal values of every member. 


The group is committed in adopting an exemplary behaviour which encourages ethics and unconditional respect to reinforce the sense of belonging and security within the group. 

Integrity is reflected in:  


No membership or criminal behaviour will be accepted. Also, the group will not accept any MC badge, 1 % badge. No irresponsible behaviour will be tolerated with the bearing of colours. Every member must be proud and respectful of its membership in the group.  All members have the responsibility to prove that the decorations, medals and qualifications affix on their vest are ligitimate.


The group is committed in listening to the confidences of its brothers and sisters in arms with compassion, empathy and in discretion. It is also committed in offering help to find the necessary resources for the member and his/her family. 

Commitment of every member to the group 

The members of the grouping Veteran UN-NATO Canada demonstrate their commitment to the group by: 

           .  using effectively the available resources