Feel like you need help?

In its mission, Veterans UN-NATO Canada has committed to bring its brothers and sisters in arms out from isolation in which they have put themselves, to give them a new taste for life, and to create a healthy, trustworthy environment. Being united by our common experiences, we collectively want to save lives and help you. 

There is a vast network in place in order to bring help and advice. If you are on this page and things are not well, here is what can help you :


OSISS – Operational Stress Injury Social Support

OSISS offers information and support for Military Members and Veterans who have served, and their friends and families.



Veterans affairs Canada

Many former CF members, former RCMP members, War Veterans and their families have already called upon the VAC Assistance servi for help.  . They have benefited from qualified and confidential support.

24-Hour Toll-Free Crisis Help Line

1-800-268-7708  / TDD 1-800-567-5803 


SOS SUICIDE Help line in your area


Veterans UN-NATO Canada

Our network includes over 16000 members.  Some of us had experiences and have gone through the system and are ready to help. 

If you feel lost, if you don’t have the energy to do the first contact or make the first step.  Please write to us with your coordinates.   Our contact email address is : president@veteransunnatohq.com